Hearing God’s Voice ZOE Course Wales – God is Indeed on the Throne !

By , 29 May 2012

God is indeed on the Throne and we want to give him all the Praise!

Dick and Ginny were in Wales for a few days and were blessed with good weather and a powerful move by the Lord through His Spirit! Here is a snapshot:

We continue to be both amazed and humbled at how the Lord moves through the ZOE courses. Our experience has been that after participants attend a ZOE course for the first time they do not want to stop when a course ends! That is happening all over and most recently (more…)

Spirit, Soul, Body – What’s the Difference?

By , 26 May 2012

Since we hear God’s voice in our spirits, we need to understand the differences between the spirit, soul and body.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 4

It is an awesome reality that the God of the universe desires to communicate with each of us.

God’s communication with us can be compared to a radio station. Just as a radio station constantly transmits a signal for a radio to receive, so the Lord is constantly sending signals to us. Our spirit is the receiver of God’s signals.  However, too often our soul causes static and prevents us from hearing God’s voice clearly —like a radio that is not exactly tuned to the station.

In this segment of the Hearing God’s Voice course we examine:


Understanding God’s Voice

By , 19 May 2012

We must listen for God’s voice in our spirit, and not be led astray by what others say nor depend totally on our own limited reasoning.  As we hear and obey God’s voice, we can participate in God’s plans for the world.  Following God’s instructions will result in a positive impact on us and our families.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 3

In this lesson from the Hearing God’s Voice course, we learn that God uses various methods to provide guidance. Among others, these might include:

√   A vision, or “a mental movie”

√   A mental list as the Holy Spirit reminds us of truths learned in the past (John 14:26).

√   His speaking through Christian friends


Amazing how God works – two male salvations in a ZOE Women’s Seminar!

By , 18 May 2012

ZOE Ministries held a women´s seminar in U.K on Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The seminar was very successful and we believe that the Lord was glorified.

Among the 20+ attendees (Egyptian, Iraqi, Algerian, Tunisian,…. ) there were three salvations, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, several healings and many women were set free from various bondages. Praise the Lord!


Ways God Speaks to Us

By , 12 May 2012

God greatly desires to communicate and have fellowship with us.  He speaks to us in our spirit. We may hear God through an inner knowing, the inner voice, and the authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 2

Many of us hear God’s voice all the time but don’t recognize it as God’s voice. We think it is our flesh or the voice of the enemy. However we may not have taken the time to understand how God speaks to us. (more…)