Different Ways God Speaks – Inner Knowing

By , 28 June 2012

The inner knowing is a common way God leads us. It can take the form of a ¨knowing that you know¨, a holy hunch, a sudden uneasiness, a sense of peace or a caution.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 8

Inner knowing can come in the form of:

1. An intuition, a knowing that you know something, or a holy hunch.

2. A calm or peace that indicates that you have God’s “go ahead.” When God wants you to do something, He will give you a go ahead signal. Initially, your mind might come up with reasons not to do it, but the more you pray about it, the better you feel about it inside.

What Keeps us from Hearing God´s Voice?

By , 21 June 2012

As we seek to hear God’s voice more clearly, we will need to keep our hearts yielded toward the Lord. Sin in our life acts as a barrier to communication with God.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 7

If we are too busy to spend time with God we will miss what he is trying to say to us through these three main avenues of communication.

a. Prayer is talking with God. So, after we have poured out our heart to Him, we need to give God a chance to speak to us.


Why are ZOE Courses Different?

By , 12 June 2012

ZOE is Not a traditional Bible study where the leader speaks and the people take notes. Through classes facilitated by trained individuals, and the study of the Word, each student learns to lead class discussions as well as minister to fellow students as he/she is led by the Holy Spirit. Through this active participation, students begin to understand who they are in Christ and how they can effectively function as a member of His Body.…Find a Group Near You

What ZOE is!

  1. A ministry that provides training for disciple-making.
  2. Participatory classes where all are encouraged to share and contribute.
  3. A situation where the leader (facilitator) decreases and the participants increase. (more…)

What Can We Expect by Obeying the Holy Spirit?

By , 09 June 2012

As we learn to obey the Holy Spirit we will become more aware of how the Holy Spirit can minister through us.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 6

A couple of points to keep in mind:

√   If you obey God and stay humble, He promises to guide you.

√   Obedience requires a heart yielded to God. “There is a direct link between yieldedness and hearing.”


Spirit, Soul, Body – Who Rules?

By , 02 June 2012

We have the choice of listening to our spirit, which is directed by the Holy Spirit, or to our soul.  Sometimes the soul can make it hard to hear and obey what God is saying in our spirit.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 5

In allowing Scripture to further define the difference between our spirit and soul, we observe through examining the lives of Abraham and Sarah that: