Go Tell!

By , 30 July 2012

As we remember what Jesus has done for us, we renew our determination to love and follow Him. As we recognize the gift of God within us, we are prepared to go out into the world and bring the good news of reconciliation with God the Father through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 12

In closing this 12-week training course (Hearing God’s Voice), we look at the lives of three people found in this passage, John 20:1–23: Peter, John and Mary Magdalene. Each had strengths as well as shortcomings. But Jesus related uniquely to each of them, just as He does with each of us.

In spite of our failures, Jesus is quick to forgive us. He tells us that when we have repented, we are to go on with what He has called us to do.

1 – We need to realize that Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, had failure in his life (just as we do). A lesson we learn from his life is: It is better to be a follower and fail, than one who fails to follow.

2 – A lesson we can learn from John’s life is: As we are more and more open to receiving Jesus’ love for us, we will be increasingly able to love others. God has no favorites in His kingdom. However, there are some who know how to receive His love more. Because John was able to receive Jesus’ love for him, he was able to love others abundantly.

3 – A lesson we can learn from Mary’s life is: If we persevere in seeking God, He is pleased and will enable us to know Him better.

In closely examining these three lives we learn how important it is to trust what the Holy Spirit is saying to us and to walk in the fear of the Lord—not in the fear of man.

The Lord does not send us out unequipped. We need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to carry out our commission from God to preach the Good News and make disciples of Christ.

ZOE Courses: So Much More Than Passive Listening

By , 26 July 2012

ZOE is so much more than passively listening to a speaker, taking notes, then promptly forgetting what was taught.  Catch a glimpse of what ZOE classes have meant to participants as they learned to listen to God speaking personally to them – life-changing!

From a recent Hearing God’s Voice course in Colorado, facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

The Hearing God’s Voice class has really changed the way I look at life.  Prior to the class, there had been a few times where I really felt and heard the Holy Spirit.  Now I realize all I need to do is be quiet and listen.  God wants me to realize that he is speaking all the time.  I now know that gentle urging of the Holy Spirit is God calling me into relationship with Him.  My response to His call reveals the condition of my heart.  So often I am so busy that in my rush, I fail to hear his voice.

This class has taught me to be still and really listen for His voice.  I want the “Hear I am” attitude.  My heart and ears are now listening.  my prayer is that God will use me in greater ways than I have ever been open to. This has been a great class!  I will miss the fellowship!


Follow further comments from participants in forthcoming blogs!

Other Manifestations of the Spirit

By , 23 July 2012

God can communicate with us through dreams, visions and other manifestations of the Holy spirit.

Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 11

What heart attitudes are needed to hear God’s voice clearly?

a. The desire to please God and obey Him
b. Humbleness and submissiveness to God’s lordship
c. Recognition of your authority over the enemy
d. Expectancy that your loving Father will answer you
e. Yieldedness—Allowing God to choose the manner in which He speaks to you and being open to hearing God say something unexpected
f. A heart free of unconfessed sins (more…)

Different Ways God Speaks – Authoritative Voice of the Holy Spirit

By , 12 July 2012

The Holy spirit can speak to believers with words that seem audible to those around us. What He says will never contradict scripture.

Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 10

The authoritative voice is like the inner voice, in that you hear the guidance in the form of words. However, the authoritative voice is so loud that you may think you are hearing it with your ears and that others can hear it also.

When God speaks through the authoritative voice, it is usually for protection, direction or strong instruction.


Different Ways God Speaks – Inner Voice

By , 05 July 2012

God can communicate with us through the inner voice, which is quiet guidance with words.  This still, small voice is the gentle whisper of the Holy spirit in our spirit.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 9

The inner voice is a still, small voice using words. It is the Holy Spirit’s gentle whisper in your spirit.

One of the principles we use in seeking guidance is ongoing confirmation, similar to the road signs you would look for on an unfamiliar highway.

One of the most trustworthy tests for valid guidance is this: Does it bring the people who are involved one step closer to freedom and maturity in the Lord? If this is not so, the guidance is probably suspect. If it is so, the direction is  probably from God.

Danger areas in guidance