How I Learnt to Wait on God…

By , 31 October 2012

When I started the Zoe course I was also busy preparing for my wedding. I knew that the timing was going to be perfect and that the course would finish just before I went away to get married.

Little did I know that I was there for a reason and that I was going to need to hear from God in a way that would stand me in good stead for my future with my husband -then –to- be.

Steve and I were feeling Gods love and mercy and getting really excited planning our wedding, we had stepped out in obedience and had decided to marry confidant that this was Gods plan for us. We had quite a lot of baggage between us both coming from previous failed marriages and having 5 children between us and there were many complications and obstacles in our path. (more…)

Wow!! God Speaks So Clearly Says ZOE Course Participant in South Africa, Capetown

By , 25 October 2012

Many thanks for the opportunity to attend this amazing Zoe course – Hearing Gods Voice.

It was a great privilege to be amongst such awesome, strong, Spirit-filled women of God, discussing the things of His kingdom together. As the first lesson ended and I was truly inspired by the experience, I received a message from my sister inviting me to attend her church’s women’s ministry weekend at a conference centre called Mizpah, one hour’s drive from Cape Town.

As I was in the midst of a stressful house building project, I didn’t feel inclined to accept. So I talked to God and said “If You really want me to go please clearly command me to go and I’ll be obedient.”

That evening I decided to go through the lesson for the week in the ZOE Study Guide. The page opened near the end on David Wilkerson’s article and I read

“And God said to Samuel, “I want you to gather with me at Mizpah” Wow!! Never have I had such a clear leading from God! With excitement, I called my sister immediately to accept and heard that she had also invited my unsaved daughter. To both our joy and amazement, she had accepted.

At the meeting my daughter heard a beautiful woman of God, obeying the Holy Spirit’s leading, tap her on the shoulder and tell her the salvation message in the most beautiful way I had ever heard.

As you can imagine I looked forward to every ZOE class morning after that and witnessed God move and answer prayer in the most mighty way.

I have been richly blessed and am so grateful to our Facilitator Derdre for her warm hospitality and truly excellent facilitation.

I look forward to the next Zoe course.

Pauline Molyneaux  (May)
Capetown, South Africa

ZOE Participant in Capetown asks…Is that really you, God?

By , 09 October 2012

I’m an ordinary housewife, with two teenage daughters.  Now that they are growing up into young adults, I have more time at my disposal. The reason I joined the course was that I wanted to hear God’s voice clearly. I wanted to know with great certainty what He had planned for me next. I did not want to make the mistake of going in a direction, thinking I was doing His will, only to look back and realise I was yet again superimposing my choices over His.

So I started out on the Zoe journey feeling excited and fill with certain expectations.  As is so often the case, nothing turned out the way I had anticipated. Yes, I did go on a journey, but it wasn’t like any journey I had been on before. It was a journey full of adventure, shared with a wonderful group of women, destination unknown. (more…)

How to Hear God´s Voice – In Christ : Compassion Motive Gift

By , 03 October 2012

People with the compassion motive gift perform the function of the heart of the body of Christ. Each of the motive gifts reveals to the world a different aspect of God’s character. When we understand each other and the way God made us, we can complete each other, not compete with each other.

How to Hear God’s Voice—In Christ – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 7

Compassion Motive Gift (Mercy)

Just as servers are “doers,” people with the gift of compassion are “feelers.” With this gift comes pity, gentleness and forbearance. These people help others by empathizing with them and doing considerate things for them. (more…)