ZOE Hearing Gods Voice Course in Marseille, France

By , 28 February 2013

Reported by ZOE Representative, Marseille France

We had a really good first class in Marseille with very receptive participants.

The morning before the course started, I got this impression that this ZOE course was but the beginning of not only work in France, but also the whole french-speaking world.  I felt like this course in Marseille was a door-opener for the french-speaking world, like a cork popping out of a bottle. (more…)

Being Sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His Leading

By , 13 February 2013

Testimony from a ZOE Board Member…

On my birthday, a British friend asked me if I could take him to a local hospital to translate for him so that he could have some tests run.  He had been having heart pains and dizziness for a month.  A phone call to the local hospital revealed that the cardiologist was in and available – a small detail that turned out to be a divine provision!  After an EKG and a blood test, the doctor decided to do a stress test – which given my friend’s relatively young age, they don’t usually do.  During the last stage of the stress test, my friend slumped to the floor unconscious as his heart rate jumped from 120 beats/min to over 190 beats/minute in a few seconds. (more…)

Hearing Gods Voice In Marriage – Growing In the Likeness of Christ

By , 12 February 2013

We need to grow in the likeness of Christ and take this likeness into our marriage. Scripture shows us how to become the kind of spouse God wants us to be. The fruit of the Spirit can be manifested in us, enhancing our marriage.

How to Hear God’s Voice—In Marriage – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 2

  1. “. . . It is up to each of us to discover God´s  design for our marriage through a careful searching of the Bible and a willingness to follow the principles, instructions, and examples we find there.”
  2. “It is God’s will in every marriage that the couple love each other with an absorbing spiritual, emotional and physical attraction that continues to grow throughout their lifetime together.” God conceived the idea of marriage. (more…)

Introduction to Hearing Gods Voice In Marriage Course

By , 07 February 2013

God has a design and purpose for every marriage, and He must be central to the marriage relationship. His help and guidance are essential for any marriage to become all He has designed it to be.

How to Hear God’s Voice—In Marriage – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 1

The purposes of this  course are:

  1. To study God’s Word to learn His design and purpose for your marriage.
  2. To learn His design and purpose for you as a spouse. The emphasis will be on what God is calling you to change.The purpose of this class is not to dwell on or discuss our spouses’ faults, short-comings or sins. It is always easier to see the speck in another’s eye than it is to see the log in your own eye. (more…)