Hearing the Lords Voice

By , 14 November 2013

I went to the ZOE course not having any idea of what it was about. I would
always have classed myself as a Christian having been Christened, Confirmed
and attended a Church of England school, but only really came to know the
Lord three years ago through an Alpha course at CLCB.

I have never heard the Lord’s voice as so many of the other participants on
the course have. I am sure he led me back to him three years ago, but with
more of a nudging than anything else. After hearing the testimonies of
those ladies on the course, I can only hope, wait and pray for the day when
I do truly hear His voice.

So I thank ZOE, Derdre and all who attended the course for showing me what
is possible.

Linda Bonorchis
Hearing  Gods Voice Course – Capetown, South Africa