Why ZOE?

ZOE is different

We believe that God has provided a training format that markedly differs from the normal Bible study. Through classes facilitated by trained individuals, and the study of the Word, each student learns to lead class discussions as well as minister to fellow students as he/she is led by the Holy Spirit. Through this active participation, students begin to understand who they are in Christ and how they can effectively function as a member of His Body.

The Training Schools, i.e. an offering of the 12 or more ZOE courses, provide a discipleship program to equip believers to do the work of the kingdom. ZOE Ministries’ vision is to place the Training Schools in churches, ministries, or small groups under pastoral or other responsible leadership.

We trust that the information on these pages will give you a greater understanding of ZOE’s vision and ministry. We do look forward to working with you!

Dick and Ginny Chanda

Founders / Directors
ZOE Ministries International