Hearing the Lords Voice

I went to the ZOE course not having any idea of what it was about. I would
always have classed myself as a Christian having been Christened, Confirmed
and attended a Church of England school, but only really came to know the
Lord three years ago through an Alpha course at CLCB.

I have never heard the Lord’s voice as so many of the other participants on
the course have. I am sure he led me back to him three years ago, but with
more of a nudging than anything else. After hearing the testimonies of
those ladies on the course, I can only hope, wait and pray for the day when
I do truly hear His voice.

So I thank ZOE, Derdre and all who attended the course for showing me what
is possible.

Linda Bonorchis
Hearing  Gods Voice Course – Capetown, South Africa

Incredible Journey on Hearing Gods Voice

Thank you so much for an incredible journey during this Zoe course – Hearing Gods Voice.

When I first heard you were doing it on a Wednesday I was so excited!!! Yay!!!! As you know, all the other ones you held were on Thursdays and I would miss too many sessions because of baking. So it was as if God planned this for me personally! (Then I go and forget the starting date – oops still blushing)!

When I decided to do this course, I believed this was a way to ‘learn’ how to Hear Gods Voice – instead it became a journey of recalling all the times He had spoken to me!

I am not sure why I did not want to acknowledge that I have ‘Heard’ God speaking to me? perhaps because I believed I wasn’t worthy to hear directly from Him? I hadn’t earned the right? When in fact it became clearly apparent that I had heard Gods voice in all forms right from the very beginning of my walk with Him.

So the lesson it appears is that I need to become more ‘aware’ of hearing His Voice – but more importantly to know I am worthy and most importantly to start being ‘obedient’ to His Voice! His Will not my will!

So from still whispers to staged settings God ‘has’ spoken to me, and clearly!

From releasing me from the addiction of smoking ‘instantly’ and hearing his voice to anoint all the entrances in my home against smoking – no cigarettes , friends smoking or butts to pass the threshold! 5 years free from smoking and not a day of craving!!! Praise You Lord God! To arranging a lady from Australia to give me a word – and supernaturally forcing me to dress up and go to a meeting that I was 2 and a half hours late for!!

Praise You Lord you are faithful! I thank you for all You do to care for me everyday!

I loved getting to know the ladies! People I’ve seen around but little interaction and of course some firm favourites! It’s been a wonderfully fulfilling time! Can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now it’s over!

I’m very excited to continue this journey with the next session! Once again – I’ve been praying and asking God what can I do to contribute to His Kingdom and yet when you asked me to facilitate the next course I was hesitant! Gosh it’s a long journey to recognising the signs ha ha! That’s the answer! Now I must be obedient!

Again thank you for everything! You are Gods good and faithful servant! I pray you will continue in His favour as you are blessed to bless!

Testimony written by  Caro Swarts  to ZOE South Africa
Representative (Derdre) in Capetown, South Africa.

How to Hear Gods Voice Course – Feedback from Participants in Marseille, France

Participants share their  Testimonies from Marseille, France

Hearing Gods Voice France Class « This course was a treat !  Such fun !  It makes you want to grow.  It’s so different to a course where one person speaks and the others listen.  Everyone can express himself and it also helps us  get to know one another.  It’s so enriching because it’s interactive. »
(Eric + Isabelle, elders) (more…)

ZOE Hearing Gods Voice Course in Marseille, France

Reported by ZOE Representative, Marseille France

We had a really good first class in Marseille with very receptive participants.

The morning before the course started, I got this impression that this ZOE course was but the beginning of not only work in France, but also the whole french-speaking world.  I felt like this course in Marseille was a door-opener for the french-speaking world, like a cork popping out of a bottle. (more…)

How I Learnt to Wait on God…

When I started the Zoe course I was also busy preparing for my wedding. I knew that the timing was going to be perfect and that the course would finish just before I went away to get married.

Little did I know that I was there for a reason and that I was going to need to hear from God in a way that would stand me in good stead for my future with my husband -then –to- be.

Steve and I were feeling Gods love and mercy and getting really excited planning our wedding, we had stepped out in obedience and had decided to marry confidant that this was Gods plan for us. We had quite a lot of baggage between us both coming from previous failed marriages and having 5 children between us and there were many complications and obstacles in our path. (more…)