How to Hear Gods Voice Course – Feedback from Participants in Marseille, France

Participants share their  Testimonies from Marseille, France

Hearing Gods Voice France Class « This course was a treat !  Such fun !  It makes you want to grow.  It’s so different to a course where one person speaks and the others listen.  Everyone can express himself and it also helps us  get to know one another.  It’s so enriching because it’s interactive. »
(Eric + Isabelle, elders) (more…)

ZOE Hearing Gods Voice Course in Marseille, France

Reported by ZOE Representative, Marseille France

We had a really good first class in Marseille with very receptive participants.

The morning before the course started, I got this impression that this ZOE course was but the beginning of not only work in France, but also the whole french-speaking world.  I felt like this course in Marseille was a door-opener for the french-speaking world, like a cork popping out of a bottle. (more…)

ZOE Participant Calls Class ‘Amazing’

Camaraderie along with growing understanding of God were some of the benefits that one course participant in Spain said she experienced.

“Last week I had the most amazing experience of being baptized with water,” she said. “A wonderful step which I chose to take with my fellow ZOE brothers and sisters, a group of special people who I share with on a regular basis because of the wonderful ZOE course we participate in….” (more…)