Become Adept at Obeying God’s Voice

From a participant in the Hearing God’s Voice class recently facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

Hearing God’s Voice has been a wonderful and spiritually enlightening class for me, as have all of ZOE’s classes.  I have definitely grown in my capability to not only hear but to also recognize God’s voice. I have also become more adept at obeying Him when I hear Him and not debate with myself first if I really should do as he asks.

God bless both of you for this class.

In ZOE’s courses participants learn not only to recognize God’s voice but also the importance of immediately responding to Him. Debating with ourselves whether or not to follow-up on God’s desires for us is probably not a good idea. But it certainly helps to work through the learning process with others!

A Foundation for Discerning His Voice

Over the years ZOE staff and facilitators have received such positive feedback from class participants. Some responses are expressive and verbose. Others are straight to the point, such as this comment from a participant in a recent Hearing God’s Voice class, facilitated by Kelly and Kerry:

[ZOE] helped solidify an abstract area of life necessary for an abundant walk with God.  Am I closer to God after this course?  Yes.  I feel more able to test what I believe God is telling me – this gave a foundation and framework to discerning His voice.  Instilled confidence in knowing God’s voice.  Would I refer someone else?  Yes!

1) Listening more, learning more.

2) Absolutely would refer someone.

Sort of sums it up. Look for more reports on the way …

Learning to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

As we’ve noted in earlier class reports, ZOE is so much more than passively listening to other individuals present what they have gleaned from a personal study of Scripture.

Another class participant shares his experience from a recent Hearing God’s Voice course in Colorado, facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

Once again, ZOE has come through with a great teaching.  Hearing God’s Voice.  I really love what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me through this lesson.  I’m growing in my walk and knowing that God wants only the very best for me.  Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit – “daily”, praying for guidance in all areas of my life, being obedient to God’s voice and Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit lives in us, and teaches us, reveals the truth to me.

Thank you, ZOE.  I’m looking forward to the next class, and praying that God would have me used as a facilitator in the future.  I believe everyone in the body of Christ should take a ZOE class.  What a blessing it’s been for me.  Thank you.  Next class I would like to invite [a friend] to a ZOE class. Thank you Kerri and Kelly for your love, support and leadership in ZOE.


Stay tuned for more real-life testimonies!

ZOE Courses: So Much More Than Passive Listening

ZOE is so much more than passively listening to a speaker, taking notes, then promptly forgetting what was taught.  Catch a glimpse of what ZOE classes have meant to participants as they learned to listen to God speaking personally to them – life-changing!

From a recent Hearing God’s Voice course in Colorado, facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

The Hearing God’s Voice class has really changed the way I look at life.  Prior to the class, there had been a few times where I really felt and heard the Holy Spirit.  Now I realize all I need to do is be quiet and listen.  God wants me to realize that he is speaking all the time.  I now know that gentle urging of the Holy Spirit is God calling me into relationship with Him.  My response to His call reveals the condition of my heart.  So often I am so busy that in my rush, I fail to hear his voice.

This class has taught me to be still and really listen for His voice.  I want the “Hear I am” attitude.  My heart and ears are now listening.  my prayer is that God will use me in greater ways than I have ever been open to. This has been a great class!  I will miss the fellowship!


Follow further comments from participants in forthcoming blogs!

ZOE Course Beats Loudly in the Hearts of Participants

Ushering people through the introductory course of ZOE – Hearing God’s Voice – facilitators Kelly and Kerri Spencer never seem to tire of the heart transformations of attendees.

Learning how to hear God’s voice became more cogent to one man in particular during the winter 2012 session of  the course at Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado.