Spanish Youth Hunger to Know Who God Is!


You have probably heard that Spain has a reputation of being a “graveyard of missionaries.”  That the spiritual ground is very difficult to plant and reap in. You know how “little” the churches are in Spain, with the evangelical population of the country coming in at a whopping  0.87%!  You may know that those practicing Islam in Spain (2.5%) are greater in number than those loving Jesus. BUT, in spite of what you may know, or what you have read or heard, GOD IS ON THE MOVE! There is NO COUNTRY too “hard” for HIM! No statistics can hold HIM back!

ZOE Staff 40 Day Prayer & Fasting 2012

ZOE initiated a fast to start 2012 strong.  Four key areas were identified by Ginny and Dick Chanda. Each satellite office identified additional points of prayer.

ZOE staff sought to hear God regarding:

1. General prayer for ZOE
2. Current and future staff
3. Increase ZOE champions, those who support ZOE’s vision and purpose
4. Expansion of classes and locations