Class Format

Although the course information varies, every course has a similar format. Each class lasts approximately two to two and one-half hours (or one to one and one-half hours if in a Sunday school setting).

ZOE Ministries Class Format

Class usually begins with a time of worship. Participants then discuss the assigned readings from a book, the Scriptures and various handouts. The class ends with a time of prayer and/or ministry of the Holy Spirit.

As an exception, the Captivated by Their Character courses are limited to one hour and there is no homework.

Each Participant will receive:

◊  One or more books

◊  A handout packet which contains the course outline, supportive articles and study aids

◊  Scripture assignments

Each Facilitator will receive:

◊  An in-depth Facilitator’s Class Manual for each course with an outline and helpful facilitating information for each individual lesson.

◊  Books and handout packets—the same materials that the participant receives.

◊  The Facilitator Guide: The facilitator is encouraged to refer often to the Facilitator Guide which they will have received as part of their Facilitator Training. This Guide gives detailed helps on how to conduct each class.