How I Learnt to Wait on God…

When I started the Zoe course I was also busy preparing for my wedding. I knew that the timing was going to be perfect and that the course would finish just before I went away to get married.

Little did I know that I was there for a reason and that I was going to need to hear from God in a way that would stand me in good stead for my future with my husband -then –to- be.

Steve and I were feeling Gods love and mercy and getting really excited planning our wedding, we had stepped out in obedience and had decided to marry confidant that this was Gods plan for us. We had quite a lot of baggage between us both coming from previous failed marriages and having 5 children between us and there were many complications and obstacles in our path.

The day  our invites arrived from the printer, we addressed the envelopes and were ready to post them the next day when I got a call from Steve in the early hours of the morning. He told me he believed that God was giving him a message. What with his family politics and the business restructure  (he was going through the most difficult time of his life, under the enemy´s attack in every area of his life) he thought we should postpone the wedding!!

Now a week or so earlier I had started the ZOE course with Derdre about learning how to hear from God and a part of the lesson that had really stood out was that if God had something as important as postponing my wedding to tell me he would have done so directly .  And I just knew. This time I had the discernment to realise it was another attack from the enemy.

I told Steve I had no doubt at all that God was ordaining our marriage but that we should wait on Him to give us confirmation before we went ahead.

On the other hand, I told him, another Christian principal I was learning is that faith needed an action and we should maybe post the invites together as a step of faith that we were trusting that God would bless our decision. ( like Moses stepping into the sea before it parted)

So we decided to do both. We were going to post them anyway  and decided on 2 days time but were also waiting on a sign.  Steve and I were each convinced that we would  get a sign any minute. The morning of the deadline I started to pray with Steve beside me  and told God we were off to the post office anyway taking the step of faith but if he could send us a sign that He was in agreement with our pending marriage it would really be great……. Out of the blue and Off the top of my head I asked for a rainbow and there and then  I walked EXPECTANTLY to the window. And there right in front of my eyes was a rainbow. Right over the sea directly in front of the house.  The largest, brightest, most perfect rainbow.

We knew that the enemy had once again been defeated.

Without the Zoe course I would not have had sought God so expectantly for an answer. I would have gone ahead full steam assuming that I had God`s blessing without expecting to hear from Him.

The answer came as clear as can be and now if ever we have any hiccups or trials I know without a doubt that our marriage has been ordained by God, and whatever He has put together, nothing else can break .

Lisa Straker
ZOE Hearing Gods Voice Participant

Capetown, South Africa






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