How to Hear Gods Voice Course – Feedback from Participants in Marseille, France

By , 25 March 2013

Participants share their  Testimonies from Marseille, France

Hearing Gods Voice France Class « This course was a treat !  Such fun !  It makes you want to grow.  It’s so different to a course where one person speaks and the others listen.  Everyone can express himself and it also helps us  get to know one another.  It’s so enriching because it’s interactive. »
(Eric + Isabelle, elders)

« I’m so thankful that the pastor invited me to attend this course.  So many things have changed in my life since then.  I now have a thirst to get to know God better.   I know when God speaks to me and when it’s my own voice.  It’s given me reference points for my life.  I used to mentally separate my life in church and life at work.  I now see God working in and through me at my work-place.  I want to reach out to other people at work. »

« ZOE courses allow you to maintain your job and yet have time to study.  I have spent the last 3 years trying to set up small groups and now I finally found something that suits me.  In a ZOE course everyone is involved and they feel free to do so.  The fact that everybody can share is phenomenal !  The ZOE team has taught us how to do this.  I liked the way the main facilitator lead the courses.  It was so relaxed and made us feel at ease.  So different to a typical church setting, where there is a clear hierarchical order.  These courses affect my life, the people around me, they quicken my spirit. »
(Pastor José)

« If the other ZOE courses are as top quality as this first one, then I think we can expect quality Bible training for the next 3 years. »
(Alain, missionary)

 « Since doing the ZOE course, I can finally hear God’s voice.  And it’s been so exciting to receive words or pictures for others. »
(George, Counsellor/Inner healing ministry)

« This ZOE course has given me lots of hope for our small groups.  We have tried to run groups before, but people tend to drop out because of lack of interest.  But the ZOE courses are so interesting.  The homework is key.  Knowing that we will be asked to share, forces us to prepare ourselves. And as we study and prepare, we can’t wait to come to the next course and share what we learnt.  »
(Blanca, small-group leader).



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