Become Adept at Obeying God’s Voice

By , 16 August 2012

From a participant in the Hearing God’s Voice class recently facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

Hearing God’s Voice has been a wonderful and spiritually enlightening class for me, as have all of ZOE’s classes.  I have definitely grown in my capability to not only hear but to also recognize God’s voice. I have also become more adept at obeying Him when I hear Him and not debate with myself first if I really should do as he asks.

God bless both of you for this class.

In ZOE’s courses participants learn not only to recognize God’s voice but also the importance of immediately responding to Him. Debating with ourselves whether or not to follow-up on God’s desires for us is probably not a good idea. But it certainly helps to work through the learning process with others!

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