ZOE Courses: So Much More Than Passive Listening

By , 26 July 2012

ZOE is so much more than passively listening to a speaker, taking notes, then promptly forgetting what was taught.  Catch a glimpse of what ZOE classes have meant to participants as they learned to listen to God speaking personally to them – life-changing!

From a recent Hearing God’s Voice course in Colorado, facilitated by Kelly and Kerri:

The Hearing God’s Voice class has really changed the way I look at life.  Prior to the class, there had been a few times where I really felt and heard the Holy Spirit.  Now I realize all I need to do is be quiet and listen.  God wants me to realize that he is speaking all the time.  I now know that gentle urging of the Holy Spirit is God calling me into relationship with Him.  My response to His call reveals the condition of my heart.  So often I am so busy that in my rush, I fail to hear his voice.

This class has taught me to be still and really listen for His voice.  I want the “Hear I am” attitude.  My heart and ears are now listening.  my prayer is that God will use me in greater ways than I have ever been open to. This has been a great class!  I will miss the fellowship!


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