U.S.A. Team

ZOE Staff Members

Our staff members are a dedicated group of men and women, primarily volunteers, who keep the ministry functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Ann Alexander - ZOE's Curriculum Coordinator

Ann Alexander

Ann is ZOE’s Curriculum Coordinator. She collaborates with Ginny on curriculum development, wrapping words around ideas to produce course materials, and over-seeing copyright, proofing, formatting, content permission, style and publishing issues.

Jean is ZOE’s Business Administrator handling all the financial aspects of the Ministry, and along with Maureen in Spain, provides development support for the ministry website.  In between, she coordinates IT activities, formats course materials, and answers queries from all of us! In many respects, we can say that Jean is the glue that holds the ministry together!

Kelly has come on Staff as a Prayer Warrior concentrating on individual prayer requests but also in covering the overall ministry and leaders in Prayer. In addition, Kelly assists his wife, Kerri, in matters related to ordering and shipping of materials.

Kelly and Kerri

Kelly and Kerri Spencer

Kerri serves as ZOE’s Special Events Coordinator, coordinating local ZOE activities, including Facilitator Training and the Annual Gathering, and with her special gift of hospitality invariably ensures participants are well fed!  Along with her husband, Kelly, she also oversees the ordering and shipping of course materials and maintenance of the office. For years she arranged ZOE courses and maintained communication with churches and facilitators in Colorado as well as nationally. Due to her new work situation, these activities are now being assumed by our newest staff member, Amy Latham.


ZOE Marriage Ministry Coordinators

ZOE Ministries Colorado Team - Keith & Patty

Keith & Patty Vernon

The Marriage Ministry is a new venture for ZOE. While the Hearing God’s Voice – In Marriage class has been around for a long time, Keith and Patty Vernon have taken a special interest in presenting this class and discipling into married and premarital couple’s lives.  This ministry presents the ZOE In Marriage class as well as other resources designed to focus on marriages becoming more and more like the picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church.


Translation Coordination / IT Consultation

Maureen Sutcliffe

Maureen Sutcliffe


Maureen has returned to her native Kenya. Needing to return to full time work, her ZOE involvement has been seriously curtailed. However, she stays active as time permits in coordinating translation work and providing IT consulting.