Facilitator Training

Our Goal in Training Facilitators

It is the desire of ZOE to equip and train leaders to maintain and facilitate the Training School in your church. After leaders are trained, the Training School courses will be run by your church, by your people.

The ultimate goal of the training program and the discipleship courses is to reproduce facilitators as Christ reproduced himself—first by 12 and then by 70 (Luke 9 and 10). In this way you are constantly generating new leaders to fill the necessary roles of leadership in your growing church or ministry.

Upon completion of the initial training, ZOE representatives will maintain contact with you, the pastor, or your designated contact person. Also, we will provide additional or refresher training as needed and requested.

Since the facilitator’s role is so important, we have developed a special training class to equip them to facilitate the ZOE classes.

How the Facilitator Training is Unique

ZOE Ministries - The Facilitator

ZOE courses are themselves training courses—therefore traditional teaching methods are not appropriate. As mentioned earlier, the facilitator is there to lead, guide, coach and draw-out each participant and not to teach in the traditional sense.

ZOE Facilitator Training is provided in four sessions in which we cover various topics, such as:

◊  Who and what is ZOE — its vision, objectives and goals
◊  Biblical examples of discipleship
◊  What is meant by a discipleship course
◊  Your role as a leader/facilitator and the importance of your own relationship with the Father
◊  Guidelines for leading discussion groups and group dynamics
◊  What is meant by “ministry”
◊  Practicing hearing God’s voice both in discussion and during times of ministry
◊  Holding a mock class in which trainees practice leading various aspects of a ZOE class

These training sessions are very interactive with all participants involved.

Selection of Facilitators

The pastor or other leader selects those persons whom he/she feels are mature enough in the Lord to be in a leadership role. A facilitator should be willing to assume the role of a disciple-maker rather than teacher. ZOE will provide assistance, if requested.