Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZOE?

What is ZOE?
ZOE is a disciple-making ministry that trains believers to hear, recognize and obey God’s voice. Participatory classes draw out individual giftings and appreciation of others’ gifts while providing a safe environment in which to practice using those gifts.

How does ZOE Ministries view the difference between facilitating and teaching?

What ZOE Is and Is Not

Trained ZOE facilitators assist participants in understanding who they are in Christ. They lead class discussions while encouraging active participation from class members and aiding participants in recognizing and expressing the gifts God has uniquely given each of them.

ZOE is not a traditional Bible study or a class where the teacher speaks and people sit back and take notes. ZOE’s course facilitators act as coaches who train and encourage all participants to become passionate players in the Body of Christ.

What does ZOE Ministries mean by training and equipping?

We believe that Christians need to know who they are in Christ and to establish an authentic relationship with Him before attempting to do His work. The Training School provides a practical, Scripture-based discipleship program that trains and equips a believer to do the work of the kingdom.

What is a ZOE Training School?

A ZOE Training School is any location where the bulk of the dozen or more ZOE courses are being offered. Eventually, we envision these Schools and courses to be available on-line. 

How was the Ministry established?

How was ZOE Ministries Established?
ZOE Ministries grew out of a home Bible study which met together in 1984 to discover how to hear God’s voice. In October 1985, ZOE was incorporated as a ministry by Dick and Ginny Chanda and their three sons to send out and support missionaries on the field. God expanded the vision to include Bible training classes to help equip dedicated believers to hear God’s voice and respond in obedience.

Who are the ZOE facilitators?

ZOE’s facilitators are dedicated believers from many walks of life: construction workers, home-makers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, bankers, secretaries, retirees, pastors, medical/dental practitioners, and so on.

How are ZOE facilitators selected? Is it possible for me to become a facilitator?

ZOE facilitators are selected by other facilitators, pastors or leaders who believe an individual is mature enough in the Lord to be in a leadership role. A facilitator must be willing to assume a position of disciple-maker rather than teacher. Meeting these qualifications, yes, you too can become a facilitator.

How can I start a class in my area / church?

Contact us! There may be classes in your area that you can attend, or maybe we will need to train you or a member of your church to facilitate ZOE classes. It is ZOE’s vision to implement Training Schools in churches under local pastors or in homes under responsible leadership, and you may be instrumental in bringing a training program to your church or area.