Being Sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His Leading

By , 13 February 2013

Testimony from a ZOE Board Member…

On my birthday, a British friend asked me if I could take him to a local hospital to translate for him so that he could have some tests run.  He had been having heart pains and dizziness for a month.  A phone call to the local hospital revealed that the cardiologist was in and available – a small detail that turned out to be a divine provision!  After an EKG and a blood test, the doctor decided to do a stress test – which given my friend’s relatively young age, they don’t usually do.  During the last stage of the stress test, my friend slumped to the floor unconscious as his heart rate jumped from 120 beats/min to over 190 beats/minute in a few seconds.

The very young doctor jumped into action, commanding me to hold my friend’s feet up, while he yelled for a defibrillator.  After opening the airway and performing several short CPR bursts to try to get the heart back to a normal rhythm, my friend was still not responding.

While the doctor had been slapping his face and thumping his chest, I had been firmly calling out his name.  But when there was no response, I realized the situation was indeed grave.  From out of my belly came the words, “Father, in Jesus’ Name bring him back.”  

Within seconds he started blinking his eyes, tried to speak and then yanked the breathing tube out of his mouth.  As the doctor starting rubbing the defibrillator paddles together, he tried to push himself up and groggily shouted, “No, not those, I’m awake!”

Minutes later the doctor had him prepped and in the operating room where an angiogram revealed a artery with 95% blockage.  Twenty minutes later they were done, having installed a stent.  It was remarkably fast and only after it was all over did it sink in how close to death my friend had come.  The doctor came out, clearly on an adrenalin high and proclaimed that he saved my friend’s life.  And while we are very grateful for this unusually skilled cardiologist who had only been at the hospital for a month, the number of divine markers along the way indicated that someone else was at work as well! And I don’t mean me – I was barely in the spiritual game for all this – but the Holy Spirit was there and ready, making His request of the Father through me.

Three weeks later my friend was out and back at work, witnessing to his colleagues.  One of them accepted his invitation to join our English house church three weeks ago.  Other men and I were privileged to lead this man to Jesus – who saved him in dramatic fashion that morning. So God, already at work in my friend’s heart through his near death encounter, also used it to bring another man to faith!  

Perhaps because our faith was peaked, two weeks ago another woman came to faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection at our meeting!

It’s a refreshing thing to see heaven enter a human soul through Christ’s work.

Praise be to God!

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