Hearing God’s Voice ZOE Course Wales – God is Indeed on the Throne !

By , 29 May 2012

God is indeed on the Throne and we want to give him all the Praise!

Dick and Ginny were in Wales for a few days and were blessed with good weather and a powerful move by the Lord through His Spirit! Here is a snapshot:

We continue to be both amazed and humbled at how the Lord moves through the ZOE courses. Our experience has been that after participants attend a ZOE course for the first time they do not want to stop when a course ends! That is happening all over and most recently here in Wales. Or more accurately, just across the border into England.

Ginny had the opportunity to share and minister one  evening to a group that fits that bill. This was a Hearing God’s Voice course where the attendees were either those who had “attended church” for years or were rather recent converts. Either way, their hunger for more caused them to literally beg for Alison, their Facilitator, to lead another course. Ginny shared and ministered for three hours and most did not want to stop even then.

We pray that your hunger for more of Him and His Word will never cease!

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