Hearing Gods Voice In Marriage – Growing In the Likeness of Christ

By , 12 February 2013

We need to grow in the likeness of Christ and take this likeness into our marriage. Scripture shows us how to become the kind of spouse God wants us to be. The fruit of the Spirit can be manifested in us, enhancing our marriage.

How to Hear God’s Voice—In Marriage – Facilitator Manual,
Main Principle for Lesson 2

  1. “. . . It is up to each of us to discover God´s  design for our marriage through a careful searching of the Bible and a willingness to follow the principles, instructions, and examples we find there.”
  2. “It is God’s will in every marriage that the couple love each other with an absorbing spiritual, emotional and physical attraction that continues to grow throughout their lifetime together.” God conceived the idea of marriage.
  3. “Some [marriages] are heart-breaking; some are perplexing and unbelievably complicated. But none is beyond solution.” God’s principles are for every marriage.
  4. Intimate relationships seldom improve spontaneously.
  5. “Even if you are trying to save your marriage all by yourself, without any cooperation from your partner, it can happen.”

Supporting Scripture References

Philemon 2:3–4

Romans 8:1–14

Galatians 5:22–26

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