What Can We Expect by Obeying the Holy Spirit?

By , 09 June 2012

As we learn to obey the Holy Spirit we will become more aware of how the Holy Spirit can minister through us.


Hearing God’s Voice – Facilitator Manual, Main Principle for Lesson 6

A couple of points to keep in mind:

√   If you obey God and stay humble, He promises to guide you.

√   Obedience requires a heart yielded to God. “There is a direct link between yieldedness and hearing.”

Some principles of obeying God are seen in the life of Jehosaphat
(2 Chronicles 19:1–20:30):

    1. He put God’s word first and encouraged others to do the same.
    2. He inquired of the Lord and fasted before doing anything.
    3. He prayed, acknowledging God’s power and his own powerlessness, and he entreated God’s mercy.
    4. He listened to what the Spirit was saying through the prophet, Jahaziel.
    5. he obeyed God’s instructions.

Results of obeying God (2 Chronicles 20:22–30)

    1. God acts on our behalf as we praise Him with expectancy that He will fight for us.
    2. God will give us favor and prosperity in the ministry He has ordained for each of us.
    3. God will be glorified.
    4. Obedience to God will bring peace and rest.

Believing in God’s instructions is as important as obedience. We need to believe that if we obey God’s instructions, He will do what He has said He would do.


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