What Others Say

… about ZOE’s courses, Seminars and Ministry

“…The work you are doing for the Lord is valuable and fruitful. We have grown so much in a short time. [My husband] is now hearing God’s voice and it is so exciting.”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for us through ZOE. We have really enjoyed the classes and we are growing…and looking forward to taking another class. Thanks for being such a blessing.”

“It has been helpful to me to learn definite guidelines and examples of how God speaks to His children. I realize now how much in the past God was communicating with me, but I didn’t recognize it as Him.”

“By learning the principles in this class, I have more peace in decision-making, as my sensitivity to God’s guidance grows.”

“These classes have helped me walk in the things of God that before I’d only heard about.”

“I got more out of this class than any Sunday School class I have ever taken.”

“I feel like I have such a greater understanding of who I am and where God is leading me.”

“… to be perfectly honest it is hard for me not to compare this small group experience to the most life changing small group experience for me … . And there is nothing yet in my book that compares …when you have experienced the growth and change and maturity that we have through ZOE, nothing else comes close. It makes me even MORE anxious to move on to that next ZOE class.”

“We know God  has a plan for our lives, we need to be willing to listen to what He has to say and be obedient to His will for our lives. You both stirred up the passion in me for the Lord. I want to thank you for that. I remember so well how it was when I first knew Him. Such joy and peace and a wonderful feeling that nothing on this earth could take away. I suppose some 13 years later it had been pushed down deep and I needed it to bubble up again. Your seminar did that for me…After the Tuesday night…I felt that every time I took a breath I was filled up with the Holy Spirit—wonderful—lasted all day Wednesday. Must have more.”