Why is ZOE Different?

What ZOE is!

    1. A ministry that provides training for disciple-making.
    2. Participatory classes where all are encouraged to share and contribute.
    3. A situation where the leader (facilitator) decreases and the participants increase.
    4. A drawing out of ministry gifts and preparation for the Lord’s calling on individual lives.
    5. A time when one can grow in the understanding and appreciation of others’ gifts.
    6. A safe environment in which an individual can feel comfortable to practice operating in his or her gifts.
    7. A time of understanding the heart of the Father and applying that to one’s life.

What ZOE is Not!

    1. A traditional Bible study.
    2. A class where the leader speaks and the people take notes.
    3. A place where people can air their opinions or gripes.
    4. A place where people can discuss church doctrines.
    5. A time when “weird” ministry happens.

A Reminder to ZOE Facilitators:

“A ZOE class is not just a Bible study; I am a facilitator and coach, not a teacher”.

It is our desire that the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in all that is said and done in ZOE classes. We wish to foster an understanding of the operation of His Holy Spirit and to yield to His workings.

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