Serving You

How Can ZOE Serve You and Your Church, Home Group, Work Place?

ZOE Ministries is dedicated to serving the Body of Christ. It is our desire to work with local churches, home groups and organizations to help make disciples of all believers, and to spread the gospel in your community and throughout the world.

It is not our desire to replace or supplant anything that you are doing in your church, ministry or home group but to come alongside and join you in your efforts to train and equip your flock.

Following are some examples of ways that we might acquaint you with the courses and materials that ZOE has available. This can begin with something as simple as a one-session presentation on Hearing God’s Voice or we could host a full twelve-week class in your church, home group or organization.

Introducing ZOE to Your Church, Home Group or Work Place.

A ZOE representative could come to you for a time of teaching and/or ministry during which you could evaluate the presented material and the personnel.

ZOE Courses Facilitator Training

ZOE conducts Facilitator Training courses periodically. You are welcome to send someone from your church, homegroup or work place  to a Facilitator Training class. Contact the Office for schedules and locations.

Hosting Classes

You may choose to host a ZOE Hearing God’s Voice course in your church, homegroup or work place.

This course would be led by ZOE-trained facilitators, either yours or ours, and would allow you and your people an opportunity to evaluate the style and the fruits of this introductory course.

The class could be limited to your own staff and leaders or opened to the entire church, group or even non-church members as well, at your choosing.

Establishing a ZOE Course Training School in Your Church, Home Group or Work Place

Based upon the results of the introductory Hearing God’s Voice class, you may opt to establish a full Training School in your church, Organization or Home Group.

ZOE would provide the initial trained facilitators and then train your own people to lead the subsequent classes. Thus, the Training School would be your program for your people with ZOE providing periodic follow-up.

It is our desire to see God work through these Training Schools to accomplish all that He desires for His glory and His honor. Therefore, we desire to see the Lord lifted up through these classes, not ZOE.